GCS has a new Domain

30 Jun 2017

For the past 20 years, domain owners have had very few options when trying to distinguish their unique identity on the internet. This was caused in large part by the limited number of Top-Level Domains (TLD) available to the public. You will most likely recognize .COM and .NET as the most popular TLD.

 In 2012, ICANN opened up the applications for new TLD to be created. This allowed for new possibilities for businesses and domain owners to create their unique brand with one of the many new extensions, ranging from fun names like .COOL, .LOL, and .PARTY, to professional TLD such as .ATTORNEY, .EXPERT, and .ACCOUNTANT. Some are even a little bit of both, like .NINJA, .SOCIAL, and .ROCKS.

Therefore, GCS has chosen as its new domain name.

 As such our:-

  • website address has changed to
  • email addresses has changed to include the new domain (e.g.


 But don’t panic !!

 The old domain ( will still remain in the background indefinitely which means all old addresses will still work.

  • For example, if you happen to use an old email address format (e.g., your mail will still make it through to us.


For further queries, contact GCS on +61 (8) 9479 7990 or send us an email at